Valentine said revelers must abide by the rules

Valentine said revelers must abide by the rules

The police are appealing to truck drivers and band leaders to abide by the rules during this year’s annual street jump up in Roseau.

Assistant superintendent of Police, Richmond Valentine, said truck drivers and bands should have “no more than seven persons on the last platform of the truck.”

“We will stop the trucks if there are more than seven persons on that last platform,” Valentine warned.

He also called on truck drivers to ensure that a lighting system is installed on their trucks for the hours of J’ouvert and after the sun has set.

“That is an effort to assist the police in providing the level of response that is required if there is something suspicious happening somewhere on the road,” he noted. “Anything suspicious, you stop your music and focus your light in that direction.”

He stated that police officers will be stationed on trucks during the parade.

“This year we are also going to add security on the trucks, so we are going to have a police officer on the truck to ensure safety and security and quick response,” he said. “They will be able to communicate back to police headquarters in an effort to identify the area the activity is taking place.”

Valentine said the police are expecting bigger crowds and more traffic in Roseau for this year’s parade.

“We expect this year the crowds will be bigger, more traffic in Roseau, so traffic management is going to be a challenge,” he said. “However, with the inclusion of the motorcycles that we have now, we are expecting that we are in a better position to manage traffic.”

Police are also concerned about people interfering with overhead wires on the parade route.

“We are again asking them to get rubber gloves before touching those wires,” he noted.

Meanwhile, he said traffic violations will not be tolerated.

“Motorists must respect the Carnival route,” he said. “Often times we see motorists driving along the Carnival route and that will not be acceptable. There a number of streets in Roseau and environs motorists can use.”

Vendors are also being asked to avoid erecting stalls directly on streets in the city.

“In an event there is an emergency we do not want any obstruction,” Valentine explained. “We are then asking vendors, please do not sell drinks in glass bottles.”

Carnival lovers who wish to dress in Sensay costumes are warned that their masks can only be worn between 6:00am and 6:00pm.

“Once we get into darkness, please remove the mask,” he warned. “So if you intend to wear or dress in Sensay, ensure that you wear a number.”

He also warned about wearing military-sytle clothing during the parade.

“It is against the law to wear military uniform and if you require permission to wear the military uniform, the law makes provision for you to apply through the president,” Valentine said.