A lesbian and prostitution ring is reportedly taking place in Dominica.

Those are the claims of Regional Executive Director of Generation of Opportunities, Rhoda St John, who said that she is concerned that it will escalate into something bigger than expected.

St John said over the past few days she has learned that several young women are part of a lesbian and prostitution ring and “this is disturbing”.

“There is a porn industry right here in Dominica. The type of people who are involved in this industry is alarming. We want to encourage the police, doctors and others who really want to see difference in our youths to do something about it,” she said.

She said many of the young people behavioral pattern stems from several factors.

“It stems from the abuse that goes on at home, it stems from the molestation that they face, it stems from the rapes that they have been through. Many of our young persons have had three and four abortions. Some have ended up at the psychiatric unit, some have even gone to the extent of wanting to kill themselves…this is not a joke,” St John said.

It has also been reported that local porn is being filmed and distributed throughout the island. The actors are said to be under-aged girls having sex with older men.

There have also been reports of under-aged females, as young as 14, having sexual relationship with men in the 50’s and 60’s and some parents are collecting money from these unions.

Reports have also surfaced of fathers sexually abusing their daughters and the victims are afraid to speak out about it.