Blackmoore end of year

Minister of Justice, Immigration and National Security Rayburn Blackmoore has said that the recent series of crime in Dominica cannot be allowed to continue.

The Minister said at an end of year briefing of his ministry recently that the socio-economic development of any country hinges on its security and peaceful nature.

“Dominica has always been defined by its peaceful nature, but ……… I have said two weeks ago on the national radio station in the company of the Commission of Police and Mr. Harris, that I have noticed in recent times a trend in the crime pattern and in my view, if it is allowed to continue, can very well undermine our peaceful environment. Something of course all of us will admit has been cherished as a tradition,” Blackmoore said.

He said people must feel safe at their homes and in public places, that the most fundamental responsibility of any government is the security and safety of its people and therefore, the series of crimes in recent times cannot be allowed to continue.

“Consequently it has to be confronted from all angles, in particular from a law enforcement perspective,” Blackmoore remarked.

He said there has been an improvement in police patrols in Roseau and around the country.

“We want to see a sustained approach. More so, as we go into the Christmas season, there is need for even greater presence and diligence,” the minister urged.