Ross University

Ross University

Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) in Portsmouth will be putting several measures in place to tighten security following an incident involving one of its students.

“RUSM is concerned about crime and public safety in the Portsmouth community,” a statement from the school said. “We are continuing to work in conjunction with local police authorities to increase the safety and security of RUSM’s students, faculty, and staff, and members of the Portsmouth community.”

According to the police, on November 9, the student was found partially nude in the Cabrits area, with wounds to her body. The wounds are not life threatening and the student is currently being treated.

RUSM has described the incident as “an attack” and noted that campus security is working with the local police on the matter.

The school said several new measures will be put in place in conjuction with law enforcement.

“By the New Year we expect to see about 40 light boxes installed on campus and in the surrounding community,” RUSM said in its statement. “This is the first phase of a lighting project to help improve the security environment for our students, community and business members alike.”

Call boxes will also be installed on the campus and the surrounding community “to provide a direct link to campus security and local police.”

Additionally RUSM said it is working on an “initiative to establish a police post on campus.”

The school said it continues to work with local landlords to guarantee high quality and safe housing for its students.

“We are very interested in improvements the community and landlords could make including cutting weeds and placement of street lights to enhance safety.” RUSM said. “It is a long term goal of RUSM to have dormitories for first year students and we hope that a cooperative venture with community leaders and landlords could make this possible.”

The incident has been condemned by MP for Porstmouth, Ian Douglas, who stated that students have been enjoying the second town for the past 35 years without incident. “We have to join forces and join hands and do what we can to ensure that we continue to protect that investment,” he said.