Victor John

Victor John

A secondary school teacher, who along with his wife and son, were facing drug related charges had “owned up” and pleaded guilty to the offense.

The prosecution has also withdrawn charges against Victor John’s wife, chief dental officer Dr. Adaline John and his son, Shannon John, a media worker.

John was fined $1,000 for possession with intent to supply 227 grams of cannabis which must be paid by 30th November or in default three months in prison and $1,000 for the cultivation of 23 plants of cannabis by 30th December or in default three months in prison.

He was represented by lawyer Kondwani Williams who asked the court “not to impose a custodial sentence” on his client since he was “sorry and had not wasted the courts time.”

“He is a school teacher and risk losing his job, he has owned up and is very sorry for his actions and he was a first time offender,” Williams said in a strong mitigation plea.

However magistrate Candia George admonished John for his behaviour. “You need to be more careful with your actions,” she said.

There was no separate fine for the possession of cannabis charge.

The three were arrested at their home in Sultan Estate.