Maynard Joseph

One of the petitioners in the election petition matter concerning Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Education Minister Petter St. Jean, Maynard Joseph took the stand this morning admitting that he had not read any of the witness statements, among other things.

Joseph was the last of six witnesses to take the stand this morning and were intensely cross-examined by Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan. Though he claimed to take the petition matter very seriously, he admitted that he had not read the witness statements of Edison James nor Dave Bruney or any of the others.

Astaphan directed the attention of the court to the Notice of Disqualification that the petitioners alleged was distributed in the Veille Case before election, claiming that no such notice had been distributed in that constituency. Joseph insisted that they had and it was done under his supervision. He also stated that the notice circulated in the constituency was included less detail but spoke to the same information as the Notice of Disqualification published in the SUN Newspaper prior to election day.

Joseph further admitted when probed by Astaphan that James gave oral notice of Prime Minister Skerritt’s French citizenship via the radio, as is included in the pleadings. The pleadings, however, do not include any mention of dual citizenship allegations made in the Veille Case constituency. Still, Joseph insisted that James had said those things at meetings in the Veille Case constituency.

Astaphan suggested that Joseph never spoke of citizenship or ‘passport’ from a political platform in the constituency and that he never read any Notice of Disqualification and in each case, Joseph insisted that he had.

Dave Bruney, another witness, has been described in the press as the ‘media coordinator’ of the United Workers Party (UWP) but on the witness stand he said that this was a title that he chose for himself. He said he has done internet work for the UWP such as setting up Facebook and other social media accounts.

He described himself as a ‘supporter’ and not a ‘member’ of the UWP.