Salisbury Beach

Salisbury Beach

On  Saturday February  11, at 08.20pm two of our guests were brutally attacked and robbed.

They were on their way back from Salisbury Beach, where they  had dinner at “Chez La Doudou”.

Half way up the well-lit access road to the hotel they were attacked from behind by two men and without a word or a demand for money or goods beaten to the ground with a stone (him) and a large block of tarish (her) with an unseen brutality.

They reached the hotel covered in blood. We called immediately the police who’s response time was excellent. Together with the police we took them to the Health Center where the nurses decided to send them to the Princess Margret Hospital due to their injuries.

He suffered a complicated displaced rupture of the cheek bone and has to be transported back to Germany by Air Ambulance. She suffered a broken cheek bone, a massive laceration of the scalp and a skull fracture, several lacerations in her face and three broken bones in her hand with which she was holding on to her backpack and on which one of the attackers smashed a large stone.

They are currently at the Princess Margret Hospital and can hopefully be airlifted on Tuesday.

I didn’t want to circulate this message widely before they have left the country but a few minutes ago I learned that it has been broadcasted.

Interesting. Well, it was patient viewing day today at the hospital, like every Sunday and everybody wanted to know what happened and everybody was and is very empathetic and very sorry, what is very much appreciated.

Anyhow I will spread the message far and wide because the brutality of the attack is of biggest concern and nothing like this has ever ever happened in our area. And I refuse to lock my guests up after dark and I refuse to believe that Dominica is not a safe place anymore.

However, after the recent incidents at Batibou Bay, the robbery in front of Cocorico in broad daylight in mid afternoon last Monday February 6 and now this outrageously brutal attack on my doorstep pushes me to take action again.

I still believe in consolidated efforts as the most efficient way of dealing with the increasing criminality and most importantly increasing brutality of the attacks.

Tourists may be the main target, but don’t be mistaken, we are all on the list. Think about the robbery at the “Chicken place” (sorry I forgot the name) in Canefield or 23 robberies, as I learned today, in the past 11 months at a bakery in Salisbury.