The trial of a 42-year-old man accused of unlawful sexual connection and indecent assault of a 15 year-old girl resumes today at the High Court of Justice. The trial began on Wednesday last week.

On Friday, the mother, father, and aunt of the victim and an investigating officer presented their testimonies against the accused man.

The witnesses testified about what the alleged victim  told them regarding the incident, and what the accused man said when confronted. They all testified that the accused had denied the accusations.

According to all three witnesses, the victim told them that on March 21, 2009  she was upstairs of a friend’s house at a birthday party for the daughter of the accused.

According to witnesses, the complainant told them that she left to bring a container of food down to her aunt’s car. On her way back to the party the accused man allegedly led her to a dark area under the house and put his hand in her pants and his finger into her vagina.

The complainant had testified on Wednesday that the defendant had asked her if she was up for a challenge, before he allegedly committing the act.  “I did not respond,” the complainant said.

“He then pushed me against the wall. Then he put his hand in my pants and his finger in my vagina. I then pulled away from him and told him to leave me alone. Then he told me if I wanted we could go somewhere else. I said no and I went back upstairs,” she testified.

On Friday, before Justice Birnie Brookes, the mother of the alleged victim said that she had found out about the incident several days later when her daughter finally told her what had allegedly occurred.

According to her, when confronted about the accusations at the complainant’s home the accused man said that he was worried about his wife’s reaction and the reaction of the victim’s father’s.

“I looked at him and I said you have abused my child and you’re looking at me and you’re asking what your wife is going to say?” the victim’s mother said.

The mother told the court that she was shocked when her daughter initially told her of the alleged incident.

Meanwhile, according to the father of the alleged victim, the investigating officer discovered a barely hidden door that his daughter had mentioned as the place where the defendant had allegedly led her. This door was hidden by a lattice, according to the investigating officer who later testified.

The complainant’s aunt told the court that the defendant had said that he wanted to drive himself over a cliff during a confrontation at the complainant’s home following the incident.

Dominica News Online will bring more details on this trial as it unfolds.