Dodds was reportedly shot multiple times.

Police are investigating Tuesday evening’s shooting 0f Vaughn Dodds, who is now a patient at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Dodds was shot from a vehicle in the village of Wesley, Police Spokesman Claude Weekes has confirmed.

“What I can tell you is that, I can confirm that he was shot… and the shots may have been discharged from a vehicle. That’s the most I can say at this juncture. I cannot tell you if it’s a drive-by shooting. Drive-by shooting like I know in the United Kingdom, where you have to dive for cover; the person would be driving and they would bring down the glass… and open fire. People believe it was a drive-by shooting but he was allegedly shot from a motor vehicle,” Weekes explained.

No one has been arrested so far.

Sources from the village said Dodds received multiple gunshot wounds.

Dodds, who is from Bense but lives in Wesley, has been in trouble with the law having been implicated in  several robberies and kidnappings.

He along with Asher Ferrol of Paix Bouche were in September given second chance when one of their alleged victim decided not to testify against them.

Pampers Plus owner Clement Letang, who was allegedly robbed by the men, told Chief Magistrate Evelina Baptiste that his decision was simply because he forgave the men.

The charges were dropped against Dodds and Ferrol.

According to charges, Dodds, Ferrol and Kurt Registe (deceased) allegedly robbed, kidnapped and conspired to kill Letang on September 16, 2008 in Bath Estate.

The three were additionally charged with possession of a firearm and taking conveyance. It is alleged that they had used the complainant’s car to transact the robbery.

Dodds and Ferrol were said to have stolen over $10,000 worth of items and cash from Letang.

Ferrol, is currently serving a three-year sentence at the Dominica State Prison for a 2008 Donkey Beach robbery. Dodds had been jointly charged with him but was released on bailed in October 2009 for $65,000 with two sureties at the high court.