EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article, which was written by a student of LEAD Institute, was published unedited, by DNO.

A well-known written piece which critics said to be “A Song of Inspiration” which aided Dominicans worldwide in times of desperate need of hope and courage. During the search of any possible inspirational comfort when coping with the massive destructions caused by Tropical storm Erika which destroyed Dominica on August 27th, 2015, the song was broadcasted over the radio causing nothing but smiles of hope on many faces.  The “Dominica-Overcome” song by the “Look Us Band” was ingeniously written by Attorney-At-Law Ronald Charles and sang by lead singer Mr. Jerd Dorsette. The twenty one year old lead singer from Marigot once again proving to us not giving up on your dreams will bring perseverance and success in the field you strive to succeed in. Overcoming all possible fears of the past and breaking out into a social butterfly Mr. Dorsette alongside Mr. Charles, gave Dominicans a form of refuge with this declamatory piece.

At the beginning of the song Mr.Dorsette harmonizing setting off the perfect reminiscing tone leading straight into a well made common personification of nature when it was said that she deprived Dominica and its’ people of what is cherished.   Mother Nature is portrayed as the enemy for what she has done to us but in fact, in reference to Greek mythology Mother Nature gave birth to her son Father heaven and to show his love and respect for her, he poured showers of blessings onto her to make her flowers bloom and when she cried she creates catastrophes.  T.S Erika showed us that Mother Nature is in pain and is sending out warning for her children to be kind to her or she will destroy us all. In remembrance of so many lives that were lost Mr. Dorsette points out the mourning of his people and the challenges ahead. This piece of the song I may draw reference to “Mourning” a poem form the book Mother’s Love by Rita Dove as quoted,
I’ll not ask for the impossible;

one learns to walk by walking

In time I will forget this empty brimming”


This poem draws significant reference to the song for it’s about a goddess of agriculture but mostly, the poem is about a mother named Demeter losing her daughter Persephone and now she is suffering but she seeks time to heal her wound hoping to forget the current situation.  For all those lives that were taken and homes that were destroyed our mourning is great and the piece is telling us that with time we will heal and the past will only be a memory and not a current situation of struggles.
Capturing his audience with a powerful chorus Mr. Dorsette raised the tempo by empathizing that we shall overcome despite all the challenges she (Mother Nature) left us with. Making a perfect suited bible reference the singer urges the people to keep the faith for God is with us no matter how hard it may be for us to cope. 1 John1:5, “This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” Many times we have forgotten that God is love and our savior and fail to seek refuge in him in times of great despair. The singer and writer are sending out a plea to us to

look for refuge in our savior.  Following swiftly into the chorus he then used a well known metonymy encouraging the people to go out there and assist by saying “lend a helping hand” and reassuring that we shall rise again. Pleading for no more segregation among the people the heavy-hearted tone created made the mood of the song strong enough to be felt by the people in an act to persuade the people to come together by using sorrow to lift up Dominica placing us back on our feet. His careful repetition of “We shall rise again” this technique is used to build reassurance in the listeners heart bring comfort and inspiration to those broken down and left without faith.

In the second verse he calls out to the people of all ages and working class once more.  The ‘weak and the strong’ a double entendre here meaning weak and strong physically or in faith, helps in his call for the general public, all listening ears to reach out for Dominica needs us. Quoting a line from the National Anthem of Dominica, Mr.Dorsette alerts the people of what we are capable of doing. Going back to November 3rd, 1978 when Dominica gained its’ independence with unity of the people, not making us forget our roots from our powerful indigenous and rich African bloodlines that rushes through of veins. Keeping in touch with them will help us persevere, remembering how they fetched water from the streams and hunted for food for centuries without proper roads, water or lights. Proving once more we can do anything with unity and embracing our heritage, he then led us straight back to his over-whelming chorus.

Mr.Dorsette then recites a letter of reassurance with a soft humanizing and the repetition of us being Dominicans is to permanently install the meaning into our heads, to ensure we know we are great and mighty.  Ensuring that we don’t give up and should wipe away our tears he calls for harmony and strength from Dominicans for “We are Dominicans”.

I now pay my respects to those who are mourning for their love one and applaud those who are struggling from losing everything but haven’t given up yet.
“We are Dominicans and We SHALL RISE AGAIN”