Call for breaking mental chains during Emancipation celebrations

David wants mental chains broken
David wants mental chains broken

It’s Emancipation Celebration once again and this year Acting Chief Cultural Officer Jacinta David, is calling on all Dominicans to do exactly what the theme suggests.

The theme for the annual event which commemorates the abolition of slavery on the island is ‘Breaking the chains of mental slavery’ and David wants residents to begin breaking the chains today.

“Bob Marley says ’emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but our selves can free our minds’ and so Emancipation this year will focus on breaking those chains by creating awareness,” she said at the media launch of Emancipation Celebration 2015 at the Old Mill Cultural Center on Wednesday. “Break those chains of mental slavery beginning today.”

According to her the celebration is one of freedom and the struggles of ancestors such as the maroons and others who wanted slavery abolished.

“It is an occasion to pay tribute to those who gave up their lives in that struggle and those who died during the Atlantic crossing and as a result of inhumane conditions and brutality of slavery. It is an occasion to celebrate who we are as a people, and a time to reflect on our freedom,” she added.

David noted that the theme affords an opportunity to explore the detrimental effects of slavery on us as a people, on our health, the manner in which we socialize, the treatment of our environment, our cultural values, as well as economically.

“Have you ever wondered why lighter skinned blacks are treated differently from darker skinned blacks? Why many blacks still feel ashamed of their color and basically do everything to make themselves look dissimilar to the way they were born?” she asked.

She added, “Like bleaching their skins, having plastic surgery on their faces or straightening their hair. Why we still see blacks as inferior and white as superior, why as a child we prefer white dolls over black dolls? Why it that a large proportion of black males feel that it is okay to have children with multiple women? Why is it that many of our young women are single parents? How about a strong woman syndrome?”

The Chief Cultural Officer argued that as black people “we still struggle with a history that has told us that our lives were cheap and that if we don’t value our lives, then you won’t value that of others,” which she said is visible in the streets as young people are killing each other every day.

“We are all created in the image and likeness of God,” David stressed.

Emancipation Celebrations run from July 22nd to August 9th 2015.

Some of the main high points are:

July 22-August 9th 2015-Press conference and Opening of Art Exhibition at the Old Mill Cultural Center

Thursday 30th July 2015-Film and Rap Session at the UWI Open center from 7:00 pm

Friday 31 July 2015-Emancipation Walk and Concert

Saturday 1st August 2015-Golden Drum Awards ceremony at the Arawak House of Culture

Friday 7th to 9th August –Nature Island Literary Festival at the UWI Open Campus

emancipation flyer

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  1. July 24, 2015

    The most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life had skin as dark as night, its not color that make a person attractive, it is other things like facial features, body figure, personality, self respect, intelligence.

  2. Francisco Telemaque
    July 23, 2015

    “This quote from Francisco Telemaque is fantasy, over straining for effects, stamping his domination over DNO like a dictator with a minus IQ.”(Some Jaco).

    In reality a parrot is a species of birds, which talk repeating everything it hears, the bird cannot make up a sentence on its own. Since you are challenging my IQ which I am sure mine is grater than yours, I am giving you the formula to calculate your IQ and see if you are not beneath my feet!

    IQ= MA/CA X 100: And if you do not know what I am talking about MA is your chronological age: CA is your age from birth, so you divide your MA by your CA, and multiply the ratio by 100, judge for yourself, and tell me if you are as smart as I am. Man/woman do not mess with me because if I had the opportunity, I could mess you up in less than a half hour; I can turn you crazy!

    • Jeff
      July 24, 2015

      Padna, there’s nothing wrong with getting out of retirement, find a little part-time at the grocery store – many retirees do that to help them remain sane. Truss me, it works.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        July 25, 2015

        If you are referring to me sir, I do not need to get out of retirement, I retired at 47 years old; right now I make more money when I am asleep than most people make going to work, punching a time clock!

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  3. Dan Tanner
    July 23, 2015

    Those chains include the crap that missionaries teach.

  4. Dominican
    July 23, 2015

    Emancipate yourself starting with giving back the horse his hair. Women cannot accept that they look better with their own hair

    July 23, 2015

    We have to discover and grow our inner strength in order to grasp the freedom that has always been ours and will always be there for the taking… we don’t have to be human cripples, mentally incapacitated into a state of helplessness and hopelessness. We don’t have to be mentally imprisoned by poverty, race, class, religion or culture.
    We are challenged to settle only for full humanity and not just our Afrikanness, or Kalinagoness, Dominicanness, or whatever. We have the opportunity to embrace humanity as our home – to make it our destination. Personal freedom will come only when we can rise to the highest level of our humanity and embrace all. It is only then that we will meet our divine responsibility to live out our true potential. As long as our lives remain racially pigeonholed, our humanity is compromised, we are not yet free and there is not much to celebrate.

    July 23, 2015

    of our environment. we are challenged to be mentally strong as the forces that seek to take control of our minds and morph before us every day. We must grow and sustain a high state of personal freedom and alertness as co-requisites in our pursuit to our happiness.
    Mental slavery imprisons our minds in a state of victim-hood. With emancipation, we accept full responsibility for our state of minds and for our lives. Hence, we are nobody’s victims. We can let go of the horrors of the oppressive past and we have the mental clarity to help create a better future for all. We are capable of being future-minded.
    There are those who will always be trying to make victims of us, but we must always remember that we are only victims when when we let others take control of our minds.
    Personal freedom is always there for the taking. We do not have to ask permission of anyone. Hence, we have the power to liberate ourselves. Personal freedom is never granted to us by others.

    July 23, 2015

    Emancipation speaks to our potential to rise to a higher level of human togetherness. Emancipation is a celebration of what is great and wonderful about our humanity. As long as our lives remain pigeonholed, we have not yet arrived – our humanity is compromised, we are not yet free and there is nothing to celebrate.
    True emancipation liberates us to be fully human and to present ourselves truthfully to others. It is the freedom to be true to our inner selves and to be free of the desire to pretend to be who we are not. It confers on us integrity and humility and it strengthens us to be able to lead more responsible lives… It is about our right to pursue happiness and find fulfilment in our lives. Personal freedom is sometimes referred
    to as positive freedom. It is the freedom that comes from the mastery of self. It is ALWAYS personal …
    In life we can expect that our state of mind and our sense of freedom will be continuously challenged by others and by circumstances of our…

  8. Ralph Edwards
    July 23, 2015

    “We are all created in the image and likeness of God,” David stressed…. But then an image of a white man is promoted as the son of God and you still can’t see the problem of hair straightening and skin bleaching. The new testament and those who promote it is responsible for the mental slavery that is destroying black people. The new testaments was created by europeans to create white supremacy. If we cannot face this reality, black people will forever be disrespected by all other races. You are the seed of your father, who is the seed of his father and so on in an unbroken chain right back up to the beginning. So why do you need a white lawyer called jesus to negotiate on your behalf for you to enter into you ancestors house?. How many of you were told that santa brought you toys? although your mother worked hard to buy them, yet she gave the credit to a white man. You were brainwashed into believing that you are inferior and hence your actions. BeLIEf is different from reality.

  9. Insane
    July 22, 2015

    The biggest chain of in Dominica is the inability of folks to think rationally n objectively on matters of state and so forth. Mental slave is so deep that Dominicans can’t n will not say enough is enough to this waste of time government. An oppressive n vindictive regime that is playing smart with foolishNess. Dominican are perceived to be dependant n very much hand out oriented. Therefore this oppressive regime is having a field day .
    Dominicans need a wake up call

  10. The Real Facts - ON
    July 22, 2015

    Emancipation requires much change. Change from negativity and to build confidence of oneself and in the future.
    We must not dwell solely on slavery. We must not hate people of the other race nor teach it because some of our parents, ancestors are of this race. It is in our blood, our genes. We cannot eradicate it from our lives.
    I believe in teaching especially the youths, future adults. Among them will be some leaders of the country.
    Teach them to also attend school, be diligent in their studies that after graduation they will obtain a position for their livelihood which will also assist the economy.
    Let them know they are not here solely for themselves.
    Teach them the Golden Rule which Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ taught us. It is in the Holy Bible.
    Teach them to respect themselves, obey and respect their parents, teachers, others in authority and to respect their peers.
    Emancipation will be futile, if they do not possess these principles and qualities.

  11. Chief Jaco
    July 22, 2015

    The renaissance (era of the rebirth of learning) climaxed in the European discoveries and colonization of new lands and enslavement of Africans to work the plantations. After centuries of bondage slaves gain their freedom and slavery was abolished in what is referred to as emancipation. Though the African slaves and their descendants were free the Indians and Chinese were brought to the Caribbean as indentured labourers. Poor whites also came as indentured servants. All these people together with others who came settled the Caribbean as ancestors of our present society. Emancipation may be termed a continuous process to self actualization as a people, and we have come far and done well to establish Dominica as a nation, but we have yet to learn to accept, love and model positive social behaviour to all people regardless of political party, ethnic origin, religion and colour of skin. Positive Theme!

  12. sold again
    July 22, 2015

    Brave, timely and truthful statements. Thanks Jacinta. There are many among us, who once talked about oppression, exploitation of Black people. now rubbing shoulders with, giving support to, corruption, Bad governance and continued oppression of the Dominican people.

    Dominica is being sold piece by piece. Just recently, Skerritt’s DLP Gov’t carved out 15 acres from our Cabrits National Park and gave all that to a foreign Range Development Co. Our Passports were also given to that foreign concern to raise money to build his hotel.

    Corruption thrives when a people continue to be mentally enslaved. Massa’s control deepens.

    Land at PWC given to the Chinese. Gov’t signed US$300 million with private Chinese firm, part to build Chinese hotel at PWC area.

    Mental slavery has enveloped our people, Dominicans just stand there and said nothing. Their land and passports given away to foreign co.

    A new kind of slavery have de-cultured many, turning them…

  13. Shaka zulu
    July 22, 2015

    Shaka Zulu love them real black. Nothing is more beautiful than a black women. No botox, no implants, and no tan needed. The natural hair is a turn on. Zulu beauty. :-D

  14. Francisco Telemaque
    July 22, 2015

    Jacinta, are you truly emancipated?

    I think not; certainly the slave masters no longer stands over us, and beat the flesh off our backs, from which the term “back raw” originate, locally termed backcrra. You have your political job so it is easy to suggest that Dominicans emancipate themselves.

    Do you have a resolve?

    While the white salve masters no longer dominate us, the black slave master like you have taken over; specially in Dominica, your government keep the people in bondage worst than when we were bond slaves. Today, our people in Dominica suffer economic, mental , and social slavery.

    Oppression, victimization are all forms of slavery. All the farmers in our country work like slaves, benefiting very little from their labor that is slavery: Slavery is well and alive on the Nature island!

    • River Street
      July 22, 2015

      @Francisco are you for real? I would advise that you EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM YOUR SELF INDULGED FOOLISHNESS. Why do you see it fit to underhandedly disrespect the Lady with your useless braying? The message is well delivered, stop making yourself matter in things too high for you. Like you , am broad to have Telemaque blood, unlike you the Leslie seems to be more clever. Good food for thought delivered Jacinta; message well received.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        July 23, 2015

        I’ll tell you what go and hang your stupid ignorant behind okay, drink some weed killer you will be better off!

        They reason why idiots like you go through life dragging on your behind poor like a church mouse is because you accept any hogwash people like that woman throws in you dumb face. I am a realists, I am not afraid to speak my mind! If you think that I have disrespected her, she has disrespect the nation by suggesting that Dominicans emancipate themselves.

        Slavery was abolished more than four hundred years ago, our people are scholastically educated, some academically as yours truly. Emancipation is not what is need right now, economic power, spending power is the greatest emancipator in a modern world! Talking crap, is not helping anyone in Dominica. You can place her on a pedestal if you wish, that is your prerogative, I do not have to look up to her; you Skerrit, nor any politician. My life is set, there is nothing I want from any politician, and you had better…

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    • Gordon
      July 22, 2015

      “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.”
      Marcus Garvey; popularised by Bob Marley
      We are giving the politicians too much power over us. We must learn to live, act and think independent of a political party’s ideology. No one is enslaving you. Free yourself black man!

    • Ba Yo Bwa
      July 23, 2015

      What a idiotic statement, Francisco. Or are you smarter than you displays on here, but engage in foolish talk just to vex us? Awa! This is vintage Francisco, from way back when on Cakafete.

      If you have nothing enlightening to add, why don’t you shush? Because, by your own definition, you too are a slave – notwithstanding that you live in foreign. In fact, you typify the bent back that the white man is riding!

      • Francisco Telemaque
        July 24, 2015

        Point out where I said I am a slave!

        Slavery was abolished more than four hundred years ago, long before I was conceived in my mother’s womb. I was born emancipated; from the word go, I understood the meaning of work, because that was instilled in me by my grandmother.

        She was a very hard working woman; in Wesley she had what some men born and die and never had, she owned land cattle goats and pigs, one of the first things she advised against was not getting involved in trouble so that I will not see inside of a jail. She took me to Marigot police Station and told Sergeant Doctrove to let me see what inside cell looks like, her tactics was to scare me straight; it worked I’ve never got into any trouble in my life.

        Once she told me if is one thing in life “you learn to do;” is learn to read and write a letter of you own! I followed her instructions, and the rest is history!

        I am not an idiot an idiot okay, so you all mind your manners!

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    • Anon
      July 23, 2015

      Some people need to just get out of retirement.
      The mind is clouded one way, that is to run the gov’t. Ok, ok never mind all what she said, never mind emancipation, go to the ministry, run the country, you deserve it, be the ones to run it, change of guard …. and just give the blog a break to breathe.

    • Chief Jaco
      July 23, 2015

      “While the white salve masters no longer dominate us, the black slave master like you have taken over; specially in Dominica, your government keep the people in bondage worst than when we were bond slaves. Today, our people in Dominica suffer economic, mental , and social slavery.

      Oppression, victimization are all forms of slavery. All the farmers in our country work like slaves, benefiting very little from their labor that is slavery: Slavery is well and alive on the Nature island!”

      This quote from Francisco Telemaque is fantasy, over straining for effects, stamping his domination over DNO like a dictator with a minus IQ.
      Now all slaves in Dominica put up your hands, open your mouth and support Telemaque, join his ranks of slaves. Oh you not a slave, you have freedom of expression under Skerrit DLP goverment. Pardna my best advice is to liberate yourself from the dunce-cat attitude you are imposing on Dominicans.

    • Francisco Telemaque
      July 23, 2015

      All of you who are talking crap, about how idiotic, and stupid I am, try to build, or buy a house in Dominica, try to buy a motor vehicle, see how many of you can take the cash out of your pockets and build that house or buy that car!

      Your alternative is to go to the bank, by the time you are through paying P& I: you pay at least three times the principal; that is economic slavery! You are there bursting your brain about money to pay for your light bill, and food to eat, and when you want medical attention, you people are all over the place begging for handouts to pay for medical treatment, that is mental slavery!

      It is more expensive to build a house in Dominica, than it is to build one in the United States, and England.

      Emancipate your selves from the bondage and the misery of poverty in which the nation exists, how do you that by creating a job for everyone who needs one, The majority cannot go into a bank and get a loan, because you have no job and no collateral!…

  15. anonymous2
    July 22, 2015

    Understand one thing: EVERYBODY is being mentally conditioned from the time that they come into this world. Most of the conditioning is based on lies that will keep us all enslaved, black, white, yellow, red, etc. Only the truth will set us all free and the truth is something that is well hidden and most people have no real idea on who runs the world. If you have a birth certificate, you are a commodity sold as a ‘human resource’ on the New York Stock Exchange. You are only provided with a copy of your birth certificate. They keep the real one. In other words, if you hold a copy of a birth certificate, or a passport you are a slave to the System that has been set up to control all peoples of the world. And that accounts more most of us. They make it very difficult to move around if you don’t have your ‘documents.’

    • The Real Facts - ON
      July 22, 2015

      How can you be identified if you do not have a birth certificate or a passport? They identify you as being you and you alone. Can you see a world of people with no birth certificates or passports?
      When born, the birth certificate is also for also statistical purposes.
      The passport is necessary when traveling from country to country.
      In order to obtain a job in D/ca it is not necessary to show your birth certificate and also passport. Do you know of any D/can employer that requests these?
      You refer to NY Stock Exchange. This may be a different situation due to the nature of the business. It surprises me why they would keep your original birth certificate. Something is wrong here.
      Whatever documents employers require to process your application and employment, they should photocopy them and keep the copies for their record, to be placed in your file; not retain your original. Is it legal that they should retain the latter? Know your rights!

    • Francisco Telemaque
      July 23, 2015

      “Most of the conditioning is based on lies that will keep us all enslaved, black, white, yellow, red, etc.”

      That is not altogether true you know!

      We are all are born with a blank slate, the first to be imprinted in our brain are the faces of our immediate family, mother, father if there is one in the home, brothers and sisters. The only way that is erased is if we suffer some form of trauma to our brain, or in some psychological way we block them out; and in old age if Alzheimer’s disease sets in.

      When we are grown, even without a scholastic educated mind, we should be in a position to identify a lie, that is human nature! The only way one can be conditioned by another is if that person submits their will power to another, or allow themselves to be conditioned with some form of mind altering drugs, and I am not referring to cocaine nor marijuana!

  16. Roger Burnett
    July 22, 2015

    Thirty years ago, in an effort to give Afro-Caribbean women an increased pride in their own identity, I began a series of paintings and sculptures titled “Daughters of the Caribbean Sun”. From my studio at Antrim, work on this project continues to this day. All I ask of my models, be they 18 or 80, is that they do not disguise their natural appearance in preference to a foreign concept of beauty.

    Over the years I have made some in-roads. At one stage, an exhibition of my work influenced the judging of one regional beauty contest to the extent that straightened hair, lightened skin tones and modified facial features lost, rather than gained marks!

    • The Real Facts - ON
      July 22, 2015

      Why would anyone lighten the color of their skin and change their facial features to try to look like someone else they are not? I consider this a mental issue of inferiority complex and dissatisfaction with one’s hereditary. They should undergo a psychiatric assessment prior to making these changes.
      The white women use facial powder and foundation, lipstick, nail polish, color their hair, use perfumes, creams, etc. This stems from their influence on those who are especially dark-skinned. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that.
      Some whites also straighten/perm their hair and comb their hair as some blacks do.
      We have people dictating to others that because they are dark-skinned they should not straighten, perm and color their hair and to take pictures. I oppose that.
      We have come a long way. This has been done for ages that they will remain in fashion, the latter which is just what they are. If it makes these women look beautiful and feel good, why not?

    • The Real Facts - ON
      July 22, 2015

      Today some have a sex change saying they feel uncomfortable in the one they have (that God gave them through their parents procreation). They must take drugs to maintain that sex change so as not to revert to their original sex. This change is abnormal and unhealthy. I see something drastically wrong with sex changes. Yet many are doing that.
      Many people dress in some type of fashionable attire. They comb their hair as they think is fashionable.
      Today, people dress in whatever manner they feel like. Some of us detest their mode of attire but they are happy with their preference.
      The manner in which they dress, the type of clothing worn, hair fashion and noses, mouths and tongues pierced with earrings and rings will definitely not land them a job and a good one at that.
      Some dress unbecomingly to go to Church of all places. Try getting them to change their unbecoming dress and hear what they will tell you – expletives.

    • The Real Facts - ON
      July 22, 2015

      In view of emancipation, these are real issues we need to address to assist the youths of all.
      Two more are obedience and respect for authority. We will be assisting them in the emancipation process.

    • Ralph Edwards
      July 23, 2015

      If you think that you are superior than someone because their complexion is darker that your, it stands to reason that you think that your are inferior to someone who has lighter complexion. In St Croix, almost all the black men with white women are Rastas musicians from Dominica … but yet they keep singing about wicked babylon as if white women are not the daughters and mothers of babylon …. brainwashed !

  17. winston warrington
    July 22, 2015

    “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”. Although these words were sung by the great Bob Marley, one needs to educate the young that they originated from Marcus Mosiah Garvey who through his vision of a new African, observed that we as a race were overburdened by thousands of years of mental conditioning, obsolete traditions, religious superstitions and more recently, psychological emasculation from colonial servitude.

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