Students of the Roseau Primary in costume accompanied by Suzanne Joseph-Piper of NBD at Friday’s press conference

15 schools will participate in the 2013 Real Mas’ celebrations on Carnival Monday, organizers revealed at a press conference on Friday.

Head of Marketing at Discover Dominica Authority, Nickima Royer Jno Baptiste, said St. Martin Primary School, Dublanc Primary School, Roseau Primary school, Dos Dane Primary school, Convent Preparatory school, Isiah Thomas Secondary School, Goodwill Secondary School, Dominica Grammar School, Castle Bruce Secondary School and Pierre Charles Secondary School are some of the schools expected to be seen on parade.

Suzanne Joseph-Piper, a representative of the National Bank of Dominica, said the institution has and will continue sponsoring the parade. “For the past three years we have targeted our sponsorship to a specific area of carnival and that is the development of the art form of costume building,” she said.

She added that her company provides costume builders with the resources they need to create spectacular costumes since it is an important aspects of carnival.

She noted further that emphasis is placed on youth mas’ since young people are the future costume builders.

At the press conference Chief Cultural Officer, Raymond Lawrence, said that the Sensay Festival this year will be held in Mahaut on Wednesday, January 30.

The festival, which is held in a different community each year, will feature sensay groups from Grandbay, St Joseph, the Virgin Islands, Dublanc, Good Hope and other areas in the island.

Lawrence said sensay is unique to Dominica’s carnival and the festival is a method of highlighting its importance and to reignite an interest in traditional costumes.