Alwin Bully

Alwin Bully

The issuing of contracts to calypsonians, the dress code and the marketing of Carnival are some things to be looked at closely according to the former head of the Carnival Organizing Committee, Alwin Bully.

Bully made his observations in an interview with DNO on Thursday during which he gave an assessment of the just concluded Carnival season.

According to him, the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) needs to put guidelines in place for calypsonians.

“The calypso association needs to look at the issue of contracts for their participants. Right now how does one know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable during the competition. There are no clear guidelines that we stand on,” he said.

Bully also mentioned that young children should be kept in mind when revelers choose outfits for Carnival.

“Nice costumes and lots of people coming out, but there should be a clear line between funny, sexy, and vulgar and in some cases some people mix the three and you get inappropriate behavior especially in the front of children,” he noted. “We have to be aware of what we do in the presence of children.”

Bully also argued that Dominica should be marketed as a Carnival destination.

“We have cruise ships coming into our ports on carnival days and they are kind of surprised to find carnival going on,” he stated. “While other countries are bending backwards to get cruise ships to go to their islands during their carnival, I don’t see us taking advantage of that particular aspect from revenue generation.”