National Cultural Advisor and Head of the Carnival Development Committee, Alwin Bully addresses media launching

Dominica’s cultural advisor says the country would profit from an establishment designated for the storage of carnival costumes.

Alwin Bully has been proposing the erection of what he calls a Carnival House or Carnival Museum on grounds that there’s no assigned area to display the costumes after the carnival activities.

“The problem is that after carnival, there is always a problem as to where those costumes are going to be stored and how they can be used to continue to promote Dominica’s carnival. Besides that …there’s always a problem as to where those costumes should be built,” Bully said, adding, some of the areas that were previously available are no longer on hand.

Bully has been emphasizing that a carnival museum will serve as a lucrative enterprise for Dominica and will end the problem of uncertainty regarding a place to build and subsequently store both the traditional and non-traditional costumes.

“A place to store the costumes afterward which could put them on display and therefore generate income through visitors of all types…looking at the costumes, seeing the work that was done over the years and having an understanding of what Dominica’s carnival is all about…It could be quite a very rewarding and lucrative enterprise, generating funds for the development of Carnival,” he said.