Revelers in Roseau on Carnival Monday. Photo by Zaimis Olmos

Revelers in Roseau on Carnival Monday. Photo by Zaimis Olmos

The Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) and Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC) on Monday  announced the results of DFC-organized  2013 Carnival competitions, as the curtains came down on another year of the island’s well-known pre-lenten carnival festivities.

The results are for events organized by the DFC as part of its 2013 Mas Domnik – The Real Mas – carnival programme which ran from January 7th, 2013 with the Official Media Launch to last lap on Carnival Tuesday, February 12, 2013.

The results include winners of the Opening Parade Float Competition, J’ouvert Mas, Carnival Monday Traditional Mas and School Bands Competition and the Parade of Costumed Bands on Carnival Tuesday

The following are the results for the various DFC Competitions for Carnival 2013:

Best Business Float   –  Carib  Beer Float

Lapo Kabwit joint award 4:00am START –  Newtown Lapo Kabwit & Gutter Lapo  Kabwit


MALE : Andy Carter –  Click Clacks- “I only come for the rum and the party”
FEMALE:  Danielle Leslie – “Splendour of Beauty”

4.   SPECIAL AWARD: Only steel band on the road and for excellent performance: The Rhythm and Steel Orchestra

5. BEST J’Ouvert GROUP:   Jean Bois – “Bushman Carnival”

6. LONGEST Lapo Kabwit on the Road:  Gutter  Lapo Kabwit

7. LARGEST Old Mas Group:  Friendship Crew

8. BEST Costumed Group:  Super  Heroes “The A- Team”


BEST Old Mas Band: Carnival Corner
2nd PLACE: Waseen Gawbe
3rd PLACE: Weed Master


BAND of the year – PRIMARY school: St. Martin Primary                                                                      “Nursery rhymes Nature Island style”
2nd PLACE – Roseau primary – “Wonderland”
3rd PLACE – Dublanc/Bioche Primary – “We are what we ARE”
KING of the BAND:       Primary school – Roseau Primary
QUEEN of the BAND:    Primary school – St. Martin Primary

BAND of the Year – SECONDARY Schools Castle Bruce Secondary “Re-Union of our Native Birds”
2nd PLACE: Goodwill secondary – “Play your Cards right”
3rd PLACE: Isaiah Thomas Secondary – School of Knowledge – “Education is the Key”
KING of the BAND: Secondary School – “Castle Bruce Secondary”
QUEEN of the BAND: Secondary School –  “Goodwill Secondary”

11.   BEST FLOAT of the YEAR  – Dos’dane  Primary   “Paper Explosion”
2nd PLACE: Goodwill Secondary “Swimming with the Dolphins”
3rd PLACE: Castle Bruce Secondary “Nature at its Best”

12.  ADULT CARNIVAL BAND PARADE BAND OF THE YEAR: Thunderbirds “Viva South America”
2nd place: Mercury “Ancient Times”
3rd place: Carnival Corner “The Legends of Atlantis”
ADULT King of the Band – Carnival Corner
ADULT Queen of the Band – Africulture Stilt Walkers