A sensay costume

Tourism Minister, Ian Douglas, is calling for the preservation and marketing of Dominica’s traditional carnival.

Speaking at the media launch of Carnival 2013 on Monday Douglas said it appears that Dominica is losing much of its traditional carnival. “I think we are losing that touch of our traditional Mas because I do not see as many Sensay costumes out there,” Douglas observed.

He called for the aggressive marketing of traditional carnival. “I continue this evening to make a passionate plea for the strengthening and marketing of our traditional Mas by building, displaying and incorporating more of our Sensay,” he said.

He said greater effort should be made towards the preservation of the various forms of traditional costumes throughout the year and suggested a special activity be held later down in the year to showcase the costumes to visitors.

“My vision is that these traditional costumes are preserved. We can find a way to preserve those costumes so that they can be displayed and marketed throughout the year. It’s like on Ash Wednesday carnival is shut down till the next year and I believe we should find a way to have carnival as a tourism product throughout the year so that persons visiting Dominica can get to experience carnival out of the carnival season,” Douglas remarked. “Where in Dominican can a visitor easily view a Sensay, Bwa Bwa costume out of the Carnival season?  I would like to see these costumes displayed at various points of interest at our Ministries, at our point of entry, and other interesting places such as the Botanical gardens.”

The Minister is especially interested in preserving and showcasing the carnival queen costumes.

“We need to find a way to preserve those carnival queen costumes, because so much money is spent on them and so much time effort energy and creativity. We need to find a place where we can preserve the costumes and we can recreate the carnival experience as a tourism product,” he stated.

The Minister has called for the productive use of the carnival queen costumes throughout the year.