Dice after capturing the crown in 2013

Dice after capturing the crown in 2013

The king is ready.

Reinging calypso monarch, Dennison ‘Dice’Joseph, has released a new single which, according to him, is a sign that he is ready to defend his crown.

Named ‘Time for Change,’ Dice told DNO that the song was made for the people “and how people are feeling.”

“It is a commentary and of course politics has to involved,” he said.

According to Dice even those who have politics deep in their blood must realize that change must come one day and the song “reflects change on a whole and that change must come at one time or another.”

He said he is unfazed for picking up a theme that is the hallmark of the opposition in the political arena.

“Whether you are for or against the government, the song should not be an issue,” Dice explained. “We live in a free country.”

He noted that the new song simply reflects what carnival is all about.

“It is calypso, it is carnival man,” he stated.

Listen to the song below.