Scene from Carnival Opening Parade 2016

Organizers of the 2017 Mas Domnik celebrations have announced the route for the Carnival Opening Parade carded for this Saturday, February 04.

This year’s parade will once again commence at the Victoria Street, in Roseau.

“The parading groups will assemble on Victoria Street, in front of the public library on Saturday, February, 04, 2017 from about 1:00 pm and they shall depart about 3:00 pm,” Superintendent of Police, Richmond Valentine said at a press conference on Wednesday.

“The parade will move north along Victoria Street onto the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard then turn right on King George V Street, left unto Great George Street, left on to Kennedy Avenue,” he noted.

Valentine further continued that the parade will then move right unto Hanover Street, over the Chinese Friendship Bridge, into the E.O Leblanc Highway then on uto Pottersville Savannah.

“It is expected that by 6 pm all parading groups should be at the Pottersville Savannah,” Valentine said.

He stated that in the event of any delays the various along the road shall stop the music and proceed to their designated area.

The Police is also soliciting the support of the motorists.

“In an effort to ensure the free movement of parading groups we are soliciting the support of motorists and are asking them to comply with all traffic signs which will be in place,” Valentine noted.

Residents are being asked as well to utilize alternate parking areas for the duration for the duration of the parade which is expected to be about three hours.

And for the individuals contributing to the 2017 carnival celebrations in one way or another Valentine had this advice.

“I would like to appeal to all the stakeholders that they should comply with all the guidelines set out in the order…to those with criminal minds let me remind you that the laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica are not suspended.

And so any infraction of the law Police response will be swift so that the threat can be neutralized and those that are culpable will be dealt with accordingly,” he said.

Valentine further stated that an environment of safety and security must prevail throughout the carnival season.

And the carnival route for Mas Domnik 2017 is as follows.

“South along Independence Street from the intersection of Kennedy Avenue to the Intersection of King George V Street, West along King George V Street from the intersection of Independence Street to Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard,” Valentine stated.

The route continues “North along Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard from the intersection of King George V Street to the intersection of Kennedy Avenue, and East along Kennedy Avenue from the intersection of Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard through the intersection of Independence Street,” he said.