Revelers on J'overt morning

Revelers on J’overt morning. Photo by Zaimis Olmos

Despite three wounding incidents and a few minor disturbances, the police in Dominica is reporting that Carnival celebrations went “relatively well” and have thanked members of the public for their cooperation.

“We are extremely happy for the support and I can only hope that as we prepare for 2014, we will get that added cooperation but in a nutshell I can tell you that things went down relatively well,” Police Assistant Superintendent Ainsworth Irish stated on Wednesday following the two-day street jump up that culminated the season.

All three incidents occurred on Monday. In the first one, Dileon James of Goodwill sustained a laceration to his forehead with a stone by another young man about 10:00 am on Independence Street.

Chad Charles, 29 of Fond Cole, sustained a stabbed wound to his left side of his abdomen during an altercation with another young man while on Independent Street about 1:00 pm and Evans Daley of Salisbury sustained a stabbed wound with an ice prick to his bottom about 6:00 pm on Kennedy Avenue.

No arrests have been made in relation to any of the incidents and all three have been treated.

Irish added that other incidents ranged persons from those who had drank to much alcohol to some carrying illegal drugs.

Irish also pointed out that Police Officers from the Task Force were stationed on top of Carnival trucks to assist in monitoring violent or illegal behaviour.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has commended the Dominica Police Force for doing what he describes as a commendable job during the celebrations.

“From all reports the public was very very pleased with the visible presence of the police throughout the carnival celebrations and the public is of the view that that assisted in maintaining a sense of tranquility I also want to commend the revelers themselves for assisting the police because the police needed the co-operation of the public in maintaining law and order,” he said.

He added that he hopes that that type of co-operation can continue throughout the rest of the year.