Valentine has laid out regulations for the days of street jump up

The police have laid out strict regulations concerning safety during the two days of Carnival street jump up, with Superintendent of Police, Richmond Valentine saying their presence will be “significantly enhanced, throughout all Carnival activities both day and night.”

According to Valentine, the time for the two days of jump up are from 4:00 am to 10:00 pm on Carnival Monday, and 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on Carnival Tuesday.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday he said that in relation to crimes, persons found in breach of the law during the jump up days, police action will be swift and liberty will be restricted until Ash Wednesday.

“Carnival Monday and Tuesday will be authorized by an order made by the minister under Section 5 of the Peace Preservation Act Chapter 1504. This outlines the parameters of public conduct under which persons must operate on the two days of jump up,” he said.

In the case of weapons, Valentine stressed that these will be strictly prohibited.

They include firearm, cutlass, knife, stick, stone, and bottle whether empty or full with any liquid or any article that is capable of being used as an offensive weapon.

He also stressed that no sounds within 25 meters of a police station, fire station or hospital in any part of the island will be entertained.

“No person shall beat a drum, or horn or use any noisy instrument within a radius of 25 meters,” he stated

Additionally flood light, fire extinguishers, line guards, and wheel guards must be present on the band trucks used for the activities during carnival Monday and Tuesday.

He advised performers on trucks that when the clock strikes 9:30 pm or 9:45 pm for the latest, bands should “warm down” the crowds in order for a peaceful exit to be made and that the bands must “strictly adhere to the Carnival timings outlined in the Carnival order.”

“Tone down music when it is getting closer to the cut off time, so by 9:30, 9:45, you should be playing music that is going to cool down,” he stated.

Vendors must prohibit themselves from selling alcoholic beverages in glass bottles, must not vend on the Bayfront, must have a proper license, and must not vend along the Carnival route.

Persons wishing to wear a sensay costume must be registered and be given a number. Masks are strictly prohibited before 8:00 am and after 6:00 pm on both carnival days.

Concerning Jouvert costumes, any mask that obscures a person’s identity is prohibited.

Persons are also seriously advised to not wear any form of military wear whatsoever at any point in time during the carnival days.