Dominica dance crew from Beijing at World Expo.

We are more than just students from the Nature Isle. We are ambassadors for our beloved country. We take pride in our duty as Dominican students and citizens living abroad to share the history, tell of the beauty and learn to be able to contribute towards the development and further growth our home country, the Commonwealth of Dominica.

This year as Dominica celebrated its 32nd Independence anniversary, Dominican students and citizens residing in China took the time to gather together, celebrate, display and share stories of our beautiful island among ourselves and our friends within the international community in China.

In Shanghai, at the 2010 World Expo, Dominican students from various schools around China and staff of the Dominican pavilion staged a ‘Creole day at the World Expo’. Visitors and friends alike from all over the world were greeted with the sweet songs of Creole music, entertained with local dances and really allowed to be immersed into our rich and vibrant Dominican culture, while surrounded by pictorial highlights of the Nature Island.

The celebrations in Beijing continued on the same high note, as students dined together at an African restaurant, reminiscing about childhood days in Dominica, singing local songs and engaging in the folklore of ‘konte- monsieur quick quack.’  The menu, thanks to our African friend and owner of the restaurant, boasted of an assortment of plantains, green bananas, sancoach style soup with lots of dumplings among other similar Dominican cuisines.

Students also played their role in Wuhan by dressing up in the traditional wear and representing Dominica at church and school functions during the course of the independence week. The highlight of their independence celebrations however, was a gathering of students at a Roof top Creole Bar-B-Q at the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan.

In other provinces, students celebrated by dressing in their Creole wear, and doing class presentations on the culture, history and customs of the Dominican people. Our big brother, Albert ‘Panman’ Bellot in Chengdu, Sichuan province took time to highlight our Independence celebrations and the culture of Dominica at an open mike event in his province.

All in all, though we are far away from home, our love and hearts are with our beloved country Dominica.

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