As part of DOMFESTA Celebrations 2017, the Division of Culture has released its latest video, Creole Head Tying, a mini-documentary on the art of creole head tying. In the video, Delia Cuffy Weekes demonstrates how to make various types of head ties.

Creole head ties featured in the video include Tèt Anlè, Tèt Kalandé, Tèt Kasé, Tèt Chouponm, Tèt Papiyòt and Kòd Mawé Yanm.

The video can be viewed on social media such as You Tube and Facebook and on local television channels.

It is expected that the Creole Head Tying video will motivate more persons to learn the art of creole head tying.

The Cultural Division normally offers a creole head tying course every year during July and August as part of its Summer Arts programme.

Creole Head Tying is the latest in a series of videos produced by the Cultural Division on various aspects of Dominican culture. These include Screw Pine, Ti Bwa and Sennsé Domnik.

A video on cassava tradition in the Kalinago Territory will be released shortly. In this way, the Division is seeking to make cultural information more readily available to wider audiences especially the young, using the latest information and communication technologies. It also seeks to ensure that cultural traditions which are at risk of disappearing are documented for the benefit of future generations. These initiatives form part of the research and documentation programme of the Division.

The Cultural Division is also releasing a new Culture in Action video series during the DOMFESTA season. Featured in this new series are Emancipation Concert 2016 in Grand Bay, Independence Celebrations 2016, Ole Mas Festival 2017 in Portsmouth and National School Arts Festival 2017.

The Culture in Action video series focuses on activities and events of the Cultural Division. These videos can be viewed on local television and social media channels.

See video below.