Coordinator of the event is Gregory Rabess

Coordinator of the event is Gregory Rabess

An event aimed at exposing and promoting the Creole culture is expected to take place in Dominica as the island observes the 30th anniversary of International Creole Day.

The Creole Symposium and Exposition will run from October 22 to 24 and will be attended by representatives from Seychelles, Haiti, Guadeloupe, Martinique and St Lucia.

At a media launch on Monday afternoon, coordinator of the event, Gregory Rabess, said the objective is to share, reflect and give exposure to the Creole culture industries including individual artists, creators and entrepreneurs while strengthening links and forging networks amongst countries that share the Creole heritage.

“The Creole brand is a very important brand and we have to become aware of the importance of that brand for our tourism product and our cultural industries here in Dominica,” he said. “The specific objective of this event is to share and reflect on experiences and actions in relation to the development and promotion of the creole language and culture and the impact of such actions on creole societies.”

He added that the symposium will also encourage reflection on current opportunities and challenges and aid in developing strategies of cooperation as the way forward.

Rabess pointed out that day one of the symposium will focus on Creole Language, day 2 will focus on cultural industries and day 3 on regional cooperation.

At the press conference it was revealed CORECA Association of Guadeloupe, one of the major overseas partners in the planning of the event, has confirmed the attendance of a delegation of thirty persons which includes Mas Ka Kle, a drumming ensemble and a Kweyol Theatre production.

The symposium will be held at the Arawak House of Culture and the exposition will take place at the Botanic Gardens.

It is expected to form part of the Lime Creole in the Park event.

The symposium will be hosted jointly by the Ministry of Tourism and Legal Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in partnership with telecommunication giant, LIME.