The cover of the preview

The cover of the preview

Saying that he wants to keep Dominica’s history alive, Grand Bay native USVI-based, Paul Alexander, has authored a 39-page preview of an upcoming book entitled: Grand Bay: the 1974 Geneva Uprising, from Bala to Unicef.

The book itself, which goes by the same title, is still in publication and will be available later this year.

In an interview with Dominica News Online (DNO) Alexander noted that the preview has a purpose because he does not want the important history of that community to be forgotten.

“So we can have something for our future generations,” he stated.

The preview contains seven chapters, namely the history of Grand Bay, the Nassief Era, Resistance and Unrest, the 1974 Geneva Uprising, One year for a coconut and Anthony Grell fight for freedom.

The preview also gives a sneak peek at the man who was at the helm of the 1974 Geneva Uprising, Phillip “Unicef” Francis, who is still alive. The upcoming book is dedicated to him for his “significant role” in that revolution, according to Alexander.

“The preview contains information from various sources including my personal knowledge as an eye witness to some of the events that transpired during the Geneva Uprising,” Alexander wrote in an introduction to the preview.

The author said he wants to keep the history of Grand Bay alive

The author said he wants to keep the history of Grand Bay alive

The upcoming book will highlight the history of Grand Bay, as it relates to the Geneva Uprising and its social, cultural and political developments.

It will also cover the 1976 period when Prime Minister Patrick John passed a law called the “praedial and larceny act,” where anyone found guilty of stealing a coconut was automatically jailed for one year.

Alexander is the president of the Wassin Dominique Association which is based in St Thomas and the United States Virgin Islands.

The preview can be bought from Alexander or at Audio Solutions Inc. in Grand Bay for $25.00.