Michaela Benoit as she presented the Wob Dwiyet in the USVI

The people of the St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands (USVI) celebrate their 60th anniversary of carnival this year under the theme “A Celebration for the world to see”.

A cultural night held on Wednesday 18th, April 2012 at the Lionel Roberts Stadium formed part of the celebrations. As part of the event countries with nationals living in the USVI were invited to display their national wear for the world to see.

An invitation was extended to the Dominica Association of St.Thomas to have on display Dominica’s National Wear, The Wob Dwiyet.

This presented a golden opportunity to present to the audience and members of the press not only Dominica’s beautiful national wear but to give a vivid description and historical background of the Wob Dwiyet.

Dominica’s Michaela Benoit looked stunning and radiant as she glided across the stage like a real proud and confident matador and danced to the song composed by Miss Sonia Lloyd, “Kite Kolte La Viv.”

The performance and presentation was not only well received by all in attendance.It was the “talk of the night”.

Special thanks to all those who made it happen especially Vincent St.Luce, Victor Benoit, Andrea Shillingford and Loreen Bannis-Roberts.