A group consisting of three students gave a performance of their talents in poetry at the Dominica State College. These poems contribute to society by eradicating the aspirations and accomplishments of the public.

These poets infiltrate the misconceptions and illusions that have been created in the name of established principles. This vision enables them to draw attention to neglected problems and therefore acts as the society’s conscience as others have little time for reflection.

The poem “Caribbean Man” is a social commentary based on the assumption that no matter what our Caribbean men do we still love them. It exhibits the paths that many Caribbean men are taking in the year 2011. The phrase, “he married and divorce and still have a girlfriend down the road” portrays that Caribbean man are unable to stay with one woman for a particular length of time; they are scared of commitment.

The story also reveals the two-faced nature of our men in the line that states “He is a lover boy at home and a shatta on the street.” It also informed us that our Caribbean men are becoming less and less active in society. The poet wanted the readers to realize that although our Caribbean men are “dropping the ball” we still love them. “Caribbean man” was a beautifully written poem but the author failed to deliver this poem with emotion and sensationalism.

“Phenomenal Woman” was written with such accuracy that one could not miss the claim the poet makes about woman abandoning the virtue of hard work but use their sexuality are neglecting their spirituality by doing so.

“I know my boyfriend abuse my children,
But not me to make a sound,
Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong
They have all the latest
Phones, jewelries and shoes,
Cause just like me
They work the night shift too”

“I won’t let anyone disrespect me
or tell me nothing rude
still I dance
when Triple K says
“Bend down for the wood.” (extract from poem by R.Luke)

“Helpless” dealt with an issue arising in the Caribbean especially Dominica. Child abuse like any type of abuse is not to be taken lightly and the poet felt the need to grasp the pain of the abused victims. Helplessness was centered on the themes abuse, family and rape.

It illustrates how the ones that are dearest to us are ones guilty of committing heinous offences against children. Who can you really trust if you cannot trust your family? Rhymes were used to bring across the very strong emotions in which the central figure experienced. It was delivered with such emotion. There was a strong use of visual and sound imagery which helped the audience to feel what was happening. Have we lost our identity?

Are our poets capable of surpassing the great William Shakespeare?

Written by Micah Rodney and Chelsea Balthazar