• Banks and certain businesses are slated to open doors today
  • Traffic is blocked in the area of the Financial Center and Government Headquarters to allow for clean up
  • United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)  is currently working on mapping systems which will assess the island-wide needs in three areas: Water, Food, Health Services.
  • The focus is on providing increased service to areas which are still in need
  • There is concern that certain areas are not being serviced properly
  • The plan to combat this issue is :

       1. Utilizing public service input which will assist in providing data and strengthening the report mechanism.

       2. Establishing a number of distribution points in each community.

       3. Increasing volunteers on the ground.

       4. Reassigning existing volunteers in order to ensure that the distribution model is working as intended.


  • The following are hotlines which have been established for the general public as well agencies wishing to render official aid to Dominica.  All Inquiries and requests should be directed to these contacts:

Hotline Numbers:

        767 277 8667

        767 285 0989

        767 614 3000

       Email address:   domeocmaria@gmail.com