Tonge emphasized the importance of water sports to tourism and the economy

One new activity has been added to the list of more than twenty on the programme for Dive Fest 2017.

The Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Dominica Watersports Association (DWA) and other partners launched the 28th annual Dive Fest Dominica event at the Anchorage Hotel on Friday June 16th 2017.  The event will run from July 2-16.

The new activity to be added is called ‘Freediving’ where persons dive into deep levels of water as far as they can go with, or without flippers, and no oxygen tanks.

The free diving component will be under the guidance of free diving company, Blue Element International. One member of the company, as part of Dive Fest activities, will be attempting to set a record of diving over 200 feet deep into Dominican waters.

Other Dive Fest 2017 activities include: T-VICE in concert, Free scuba diving in the pool of Anchorage Hotel, Turtle Love Day at the Rosalie Bay Resort, Whale watching, Indian River boat rides,  Wave Dance Water Sports at Picard Beach in Portsmouth, and an Island-wide Coastal Cleanup.

Minister for Tourism, Robert Tonge, said that his ministry is fully on board to at ensure that, together with partnering organizations, the event is successful and also, to strengthen relations among the event’s partners.

“Rest assured the Ministry of Tourism and Urban Renewal, and by extension the government of Dominica, stands ready and committed to collaborate effectively with the Dominica Water Sports Association. The government, inclusive of the Ministry, seeks to strengthen the bonds existing between the Ministry, the Dominica Water Sports Association, as it relates to the coordination and promotion of the water sports activities on this island,” he said.

He expressed his satisfaction over the Dive Fest event being launched “way in advance” as this shows that the teams are working together and being proactive.

Tonge said that he was impressed with the new addition of the free diving activity to the list of events as it “lends to bring some additional excitement to this year’s event,” and also forms part of water sports itself that contributes to economic sustainability.

“There is no doubt that the importance of water sports in the industry of tourism and in particular the economy of Dominica, as this industry sustains many jobs both directly and indirectly, and also they divers spend a fair amount of money as compared to the average visitor to Dominica,” the minister remarked.

Sponsors of Dive Fest 2017 are Kubuli, Clear Harbor, Petro Caribe, Rosalie Bay Resort, Fort Young Hotel, and Board Walk Restaurant and Bar.

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