Douglas (right) at DLP media conference

Parliamentary Representative of the Portsmouth Constituency, Ian Douglas has said the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) upcoming delegates’ conference will set the stage on a plan for what is to come in the future.

The minister made the remarks while addressing the DLP’s press conference held in Roseau on Wednesday.

“We are going into our delegates conference in the next two Sundays in Wesley to really set the stage on the plan for what is to come in the future,” he said. “Our Prime Minister has already hinted to some of those things.”

Douglas continued, “We are talking about the cruise ferry. We are talking about the deep water harbour. We are talking about the international airport that is to come.”

He said he believes that the DLP is the only political party with a plan.

“We have come to the populace. We have come to the electorate, to the population and we have laid out a plan…,” the Portsmouth MP submitted.

Douglas said as the country continues to recover and become stronger economically and fiscally, the party will give back to the people.

The DLP will hold its delegates conference in Londonderry from 2p.m on Sunday February 17, 2019.