Bonnaire described the government-provided financing as a blessing

Executive Member of the Dominica Manufacturers Association (DMA) Jean-Yves Bonnaire believes that the manufacturing sector in Dominica has great potential.

Bonnaire spoke at a signing ceremony at the State House last week for the establishment of a special loan facility at the Aid Bank for on-lending to manufacturers to improve and expand that sector.

“We believe that the manufacturing sector in Dominica has great potential…,” he said. “And it is time for us to move to a next level because we (are) plagued with small production and it is in those conditions it is very difficult for us to meet export demand.”

He  added, “We have to work also on quality and of course to achieve all this we need some financing.”

Bonnaire described the financing provided to the sector by the government as a blessing and encouraged “all the manufacturers in diverse sectors” to make good use of the money.

He charged the DMA with bringing sustainability to the sector which he said will also bring stability to jobs. The manufacturing sector, he noted, can attract skilled jobs.

“I think that the plan is to, on a regular basis assess what has been done with the money, how it has been used and see what jobs (have) been created, what companies that (have) been consolidated and see how it has benefited to the country and the people of the country,” Bonnaire remarked.