The 4Hers in St. Lucia

The 4Hers in St. Lucia

The National 4H Club of Dominica visited St. Lucia for two weeks during the Easter holidays.

Schools in attendance were the St. Mary’s Academy, St. Mary’s Primary, Isaiah Thomas Secondary School, Castle Bruce Secondary, North East Comprehensive and the Goodwill Secondary School. A total of fourty five students were in attendance.

During their stay in St. Lucia the 4Hers visited places of interest including farms and heritage sites. They performed community service at the camp site and strengthened the bonds of friendship for personal growth, and for continued development of the 4H programme and OECS integration.

The group of students and teachers extended the 4H club to the Marchand Combined School where our students were actively engaged with the other school’s students and assisted in starting a 4H Club in St.Lucia.

Camp director Mr. Bert Paul addressed the school body on the 4H movement.

4H prepares students to step up to the challenges in their community and the world by using research-based programming around positive youth development.

4H youth get the hand-on experience that will enable them to become model citizens in society.

The goal of 4H is to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility, and life skills of youth through experimental learning programmes and a positive youth developmental approach.