Nazarine Gordon, DCR manager, has good reason for her broad smile

The Dominica Catholic Radio (DCR) is reporting that its inaugural Radiothon to raise funds to assist in the operations of the station, has surpassed its target of $25,000.00.

The Radiothon was held on Sunday 2nd December, 2018 and the manager of DCR, Nazarine Gordon, told DNO that people started honoring their pledges that same day.

“Within a matter of a week we think that we have met our target which was $25000; calculations towards the end of December was just under that amount,” Gordon said. “We have received pledges from overseas as far as the UK, the BVI, the US.”

Just prior to publishing this article, Gordon informed DNO that the target had been surpassed.

She said DBS and Vibes Radio partnered with DCR which resulted in island wide radio coverage of the event.

She explained that the money collected from the Radiothon will go some way in assisting with DCR’s expenses, “because we are not commercial; we don’t advertise. However, we advise people to support us through various sponsorshipable programs, not just religious but for the holistic development of the person and we’ll be offering more of that kind of program in the coming year.”

According to her, the radio station is is working to improve its reach and coverage because management is aware of the wide audience that it attracts.

“People from other denominations, all walks of life, they really find comfort and a sort of joy and happiness and appreciation for the Dominica Catholic Radio station in terms of the programming we offer and music we play,” she noted.

Support can be given to Dominica Catholic Radio through sponsorship, by making a donation or by regularly contributing $120 per year through the Dominica Catholic Radio “Army of Angels” contribution scheme which was launched a couple of years ago.

The DCR manager wishes to thank all those who contributed to the success of the Radiothon.

“The listeners themselves, supporters and benefactors, they called and brought in their pledges. We really appreciate that. Thank you to everybody who called, honored and will continue to support the Dominica Catholic Radio,” she stated.

Vibes Radio and DBS Radio came in for special thanks for their collaboration with DCR to ensure a wider audience for the Radiothon.

The event is expected to be held annually and hopefully, according to Gordon, there will be another Radiothon in the second week of December this year.