Kelver Darroux

A forum on “Telecommunications ICT’s and their role in disaster management and risk reduction” is under way at at the Goodwill Parish Hall.

The forum is being hosted by the Ministry of Information, Telecommunications and Technology, in partnership with the International Telecommunications Union.

Telecommunications and Technology Minister, Kelver Darroux, said at a news conference on Monday, that the conference was decided upon because of the impact of Hurricane Maria on the country and its devastating effect on the entire telecommunications sector “where Dominica lost in excess of EC$128 million.”

Darroux described the two day conference as timely.

“I believe that this conference is timely and it provides all the stake holders the opportunity to ensure that we can be better prepared to deal with disaster risk management and risk reduction,” he said.

He stated that the government of Dominica has partnered with local, regional and international agencies to ensure that the conference would become a reality and that at the end of the two day event, some  documentation will be available to chart the way forward.

“Coming out of that conference, a document will be presented to the government of Dominica that will be able to give the government some sound advice as to how best to implement measures based on the two day consultation,” Darroux stated.

He continued, “We also need from that conference ways to have a more manageable and feasible plan in moving the ICT forward.”

Local, regional and international representatives from the ICT and telecommunications sector are expected to participate in the conference.

Director of Telecommunications for the government of Dominica, Bennett Thomas, speaking on radio recently, described as critical, the role of communication in disaster management.