Fr. Franklyn Cuffy, Director/PRO Dominica Social Justice & Peace Committee Inc.

Annually, the Dominica Social Justice & Peace Committee Inc. selects a Calypso, which it thinks deserves special recognitions for its message, and this year (2011) has decided that “Let the Children be Children”, one of the songs sang by the first Woman, to win the Monarch, Tasha-P, is the Calypso of the Year.

The Society also recognizes Ginna Letang as the writer of this masterpiece.

In the same vein, the Dominica Social Justice & Peace Committee would like to point out that Hula Hooping has made a return to Dominica, and is making a significant impact on Family Life.

Recently a number of Hula Hoop Songs have hit the air waves, and as a result, the Society would like to recognize Fanatik’s “Hula Hoop”(composed by Linden Lestrade, written by Carlyn Xavier & Linden Lestrade) as the most child friendly.

Plans are being made to make special presentations to those concerned at the up coming “HOOP FOR HOPE FAMILY FUN DAY”, carded for Sunday, 12 June, 2011. This event is hosted by the Dominica Cancer Society Inc.
The main item on the Day’s program is THE HULA HOOP AMATUER CHAMPIONSHIP number 2.  The record of which stands at four hours and five minutes, and was won by Shanelle Etienne, (age 10 years, of Massacre/Canefield School).