Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed is your name.  Your name is above all names.  Your name is greatly to be praised and exalted in the earth.  You are the One true God, all other gods are dust before you; gods of wood, stone, graven images, and seducing spirits are counted as dust before you.  You are the one true God and your Son Jesus Christ whom to know is life eternal.  We come before you in humility by asking forgiveness on behalf of our entire nation.  We repent openly before you on behalf of Dominica.  Our sincere prayer is that your will be done in and through Dominica as its being done in heaven.  We ask for forgiveness from the greatest to the least among us.  We have sinned against the Holy One of Israel.  We have erred from your word, your commandments, your spirit, and your teachings.   

We are calling on fellow spiritual prayer warriors to arise, to intensify in prayer, and in the power of the Holy Spirit for our island nation.  We will not stand still O Lord and see our beloved land go to ruin.  We declare this moment to be Dominica’s Nineveh Moment.  We will arise as watchmen and watchwomen on the wall.  We will arise as destined warriors and begin to do battle in the heavenlies on behalf of our Island.  We place upon ourselves the whole armor of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We place upon ourselves the helmet of salvation to protect our head and mind.  We have the mind of Christ.  We put on the breastplate of righteousness to cover our heart and chest cavity.  Our heart is an oasis of love, our heart is an oasis of truth, our heart is an oasis of forgiveness.  Our loins are girded with the belt of truth.  Our feet shod with the gospel of peace.  Everywhere we go, we carry the gospel of peace. We declare the peace of God all over Dominica.  We take up the shield of faith to protect us offensively and defensively from the attack of the devil from every angle.  We take up the sword of the spirit, and we speak the word of God with full confidence in faith.  We place upon us the robe of righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We apply the blood of Jesus from the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet, and we are ready to do battle against the enemy on behalf of Dominica.

In the mighty name of Christ Jesus, we take authority against the working of the flesh and the devil over Dominica.  We call upon the eternal and unquenchable fire of the Holy Spirit to burn in the hearts of every Dominican bringing them to the foot of the cross, repentance, and forgiveness.  By the power in the blood of the lamb, we renounce every generation and ancestral curse that has kept our island in chains and bondages.  We renounce the generation curses of tribalism, witchcraft, free mason, secret societies, criticism, judgementalism, murder, sexual pervasion, jealousy, unforgiveness, greed, shortsightedness, and false religion.  We cover every square foot of land in Dominica under the blood of Jesus. We drench every square foot of land in Dominica seven times in the blood of Jesus Christ.  We renounce every ancient spiritual sacrifice, slavery covenant, and mental and physical slavery chain that has followed every Dominican family.  We repent on behalf of our ancestors.  We release forgiveness towards our ancestors, former slave masters and every direct and indirect negative aspect of our slavery experience.  We renounce the fruits, roots, tentacles of the slavery experience.  We ask the Holy Spirit to give every Dominican a new DNA free of every ancestral chain and curse.  We call on the fire of the Holy Spirit to burn every demonic altar that has been erected over the island.  We take the spiritual authority and power that the Lord Jesus has given, and we execute our right as believers to bring divine healing and order in the land.  We call on the power of the Holy Spirit to bring revelation to every human heart and mind.  We ask the Holy Spirit to expose every dark and hidden secret, and open our eyes that we might know the will of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We call upon the fire of the Holy Spirit to burn the works of witchcraft, necromancy, black magic, white magic, division, pride, self, murder, indifference, sexual perversion, loose living, heresy, soul power, vanity, false worship, idolatry, adultery, and every evil work seen and unseen, known and unknown that has plagued this island.  We call on the fire of the Holy Spirit to purify every mountain top, river, land, house, village, town and community over this nation.

Now O Lord, we call on the ministry of the Holy Spirit with all His gifts and fruits to begin to mend broken hearts and to bring healing to the land.  We pray that love, joy, peace, goodness, temperance, self-control, faith and every gift of the Holy Spirit will erupt like a volcano in every human heart.  We pray that leaders will make their knees their platforms by interceding for the land. We pray that fathers will leave the rum shops and sewo, and develop a true thirst for the word and the revelation of the Lord.  We pray that women will become the true daughters of Zion that they were called to be. We pray that children will indeed be the olive plants around their parents table. We pray that pastors, prophets, ministers, evangelist, teachers will erupt in every village and community on the island.  We are praying and believing for a great awakening. We pray that the spirit of Christ, the spirit of oneness will rule in the hearts of men and women.  We pray that we will no longer see religion; but see in the spirit, walk in the spirit, and live in the spirit. We pray that Dominica will become the Beacon of Light that you have called her to be O Lord.  We pray that other islands in the Caribbean will arise and call Dominica blessed. They will inquire and see what the Lord is doing in Dominica. We pray that Dominica will be a place of revival, where people visit; not for sightseeing, but to gain their sight.  We pray that Dominica will be a place of spiritual healing in this troubled world.

Let your kingdom come and let your will be done in Dominica is our prayer we ask in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!



Solider in the Army of the Lord Jesus Christ

Destined Warrior & Son of the Soil