Greetings, Prime Minster Roosevelt Skerrit, President Charles Savarin, members of parliament, members of the opposition, state government, local government, civil servants, distinguished persons, expats, students, farmers, and the nation at large, I implore you to listen attentively to the word of the Lord.

In the wake of the recent natural disasters, and catastrophes that our island has endured, and among other things, the lack of love among brothers and sisters from Dominica, I decided not to look outward, but inward, by seeking the Lord, through the power of the Holy Spirit for answers and direction concerning my beloved island.  I decided against pointing fingers, name calling, or assumptions; rather, I went before the Lord in much prayer. This is what the Lord by the Holy Spirit revealed to me concerning our beloved island.

Since our island’s independence on November 3rd, 1978, and now in our 40th year, we haven’t known our destiny as a nation.  We are like the children of Israel wondering around and around.  We have no guide, no shepherd, like lost sheep roaming the dusty hills and valleys of time.  It’s like a man, or woman living for 40 years and not knowing their God given assignment.  Dominica’s destiny is to become the Beacon of Light to the Caribbean, and by extension the world.  My prayer is that every Dominican at home and abroad will get this revelation in their spirit, and inner consciousness.  Just as her mountains are tall and mighty so must Dominica stand tall in the spirit and be a light in this dark world.  Every Dominican at home and abroad should recite, rehearse, and write this on the table of their hearts.

Dominica’s Nineveh Moment

As the island nation enters its 40th year, this is a very delicate moment in our history.  We need to ask ourselves a very serious question.  Do we want to go into next 40 years of going around the mountain, or do we want to enter a season of rest, peace and abundance?  We must decide individually and collectively.  We all have erred from the ways of the Lord, from the greatest to the least among us.

Our coat of arms declares “Apres Bondie C’est La Ter”, yet we have put everything of the world before God.  We have looked to men and for our salvation, when salvation can only be found in Jesus Christ.  We have left the sharing and breaking of the bread of life, for the vanities of this world system.  We have allowed ourselves to be influenced and controlled by the power of Mystery Babylon with her seduction of wine, drunkenness, and loose living.  We have left the sacred place of prayer and fellowship for conversations and occasions to stir up strife and hatred.  We have done such great abominable acts before God.

We have allowed politics and the workings of the flesh to divide our places of worship.  Our land lies in waste. Our land has become barren, and unfruitful. We have hung our harps in trees when we should have been declaring the gospel message in open-air crusades in every village, and on every hill and mountain top of Dominica.

In the absence of obedience to God and His word, darkness is advancing over the land.  This is Dominica’s Nineveh moment.  Nineveh in the bible repented and was saved and spared.  Dominica will be healed, replenished and blessed as we repent as a nation.  Our nation is in dire need of a spiritual awakening.  When we are awakened spiritually then the blinders of division, limitation, jealousy, hatred, bitterness, resentment, greed, and every evil desire will be revealed for what it is, and we then can begin the journey to rebuilding and restoration.


A Call to Repentance

Our healing and restoration as a nation is directly linked to obedience to God and His word, and our love for our brothers and sisters.  To achieve this, there must be national repentance and turning away from our evil ways.  Brothers and sisters must forgive each other over political differences, money, land, religion, and everything that had divided us.  We must turn away from false religious beliefs, witchcraft, necromancy, free mason, secret societies, occult involvement, idolatry, eastern philosophy, demonic altar sacrifices, tradition of men, fear of men, soul power, spirit of the water, black magic, white magic, sexual perversion, Baal worship, vanity, reveling, and every work contrary to teachings of Christ and the leadings and promptings of the Holy Spirit.

We must be courageous to take steps to healing and restoration. We must humble ourselves and ask the Lord to forgive us for our lack of trust and faith in Him. We need the spirit of Christ to take these important steps to healing.  Husbands must ask their wives for forgiveness. Children must ask parents for forgiveness and vice versa.  Neighbors must ask each other for forgiveness.  If we have stolen, we should ask each other forgiveness and repay our debts.  We must repay debts to individuals and to financial institutions.  Political leaders must reach across the aisle and extend forgiveness.  Religious and faith-based leaders should extend forgiveness to each other. These are essential steps toward fostering an environment where national healing and harmony can be attainable.

I am urging all Dominicans to enter a season of reflection, a season of repentance, of prayer, of turning away from self to a relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the way, He is the truth, and He is the Life.  He is ready and willing to get Dominica on its feet and moving towards its destiny.  Our destiny won’t be achieved by monetary means, or by this man, or this woman, or this organization.  Our destiny will be achieved by men and women surrendering to Jesus Christ and asking one another for forgiveness.  We are in dire need of this sweet fragrance, this sweet aroma of forgiveness.  We don’t want to miss our opportunity to be all what God has called us to be, this is a matter of our collective survival as a people and as a nation.




Solider in the Army of the Lord Jesus Christ

Destined Warrior & Son of the Soil