Damaged DOMLEC pipes

Damaged DOMLEC pipes

Dominica Electricity Services Ltd (Domlec) has announced that it is working diligently to repair damaged hydro pipelines which has resulted in a 50% reduction in the company’s hydro capacity.

domlec-2DOMLEC generation manager, Dave Stamp, said at a press conference on Tuesday, that the damage to the pipelines occurred over the weekend in the area between the Fresh Water Lake and the Laudat Power Station. He said the resultant halving of its hydro capacity is equivalent to a 30% loss in the company’s total capacity.

Stamp revealed that the damage was caused by surface water and a stream from the previous rainfall that eroded the foundation of the support for the pipes.

The company is still undertaking restoration work in the Laudat area due to Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Matthew, and as such, was able to mobilize a rapid response team to work on the damaged pipelines, with the hope of having them restored within this week, the DOMLEC official stated.

He said the company has already taken measures to ensure that they are still able to bring power to customers by reaching out to customers with large generating systems like Ross University and asking them to step off the grid for some time and self-generate their electricity, so as to free up the capacity for customers who are unable to generate their own electricity.