Douglas said government will do everything within its power to ensure that Ross returns

Parliamentary representative for the Portsmouth Constituency, Ian douglas, has expressed concern about a decision by Ross University School of Medicine to cut staff at its Dominica campus.

The Dean of Ross university, Dr. William Owen Jr., wrote to staff around mid-December informing them of plans by the school to reduce the number of its employees in Dominica due to the temporary location of its operations to Tennessee in the US, following the passage of Hurricane Maria.

Douglas cited the contribution that Ross University makes to Dominica and in particular, to the town of Portsmouth. He said that loss is of tremendous concern.

“So it something that we continue to monitor. It is something that we are very concerned about. I mean, one person being out of a job in Dominica is too much in a small economy like ours. So, it’s cause for concern,” Douglas stated.

Douglas said that the government is in dialogue with Ross University to ensure that all of the conditions necessary for the school’s return are met.

“The financial facility that we placed at the AID Bank for the hotel and tourism sector, we have expanded that to homeowners or to the accommodation owners at Picard to cater for Ross University students so that the buildings that have suffered damage by Hurricane Maria could be repaired and renovated,” he stated.

The Portsmouth MP added that given the surplus of rooms in the Picard area before Hurricane Maria, about 85% of those rooms would currently be available and ready to accommodate Ross students.

“But we will ensure that every single issue that is within our powers to fix and to make ready for the return of Ross, we will do that as a government,” Douglas declared.