Water storagePublic Relations Officer of Dominica Water and Sewerage Company, (DOWASCO), Edward Registe, is appealing to the Dominican public to stock up on drinking water as weather officials are monitoring a strong tropical wave which could affect the island later today.

According to information from the Met Office, the system is producing a large area of cloudiness, showers and thunderstorm activity.

“Due to the pending inclement weather DOWASCO has issued advisories to the general public that they should try to keep water in storage for domestic use over the next few days because it is anticipated that heavy rains could affect some of our vulnerable systems around the island,” he said.

Registe continued, “We have areas that are more vulnerable than others, but the Tropical wave that is expected to impact the country later today could have a lot of heavy rains and that could cause turbidity.”

He stated further that the public has the experience of Tropical Storm Erika which negatively impacted many of the country’s systems, “so therefore we are asking the general public to try to keep some water in storage for domestic use.”

Registe went on to say that DOWASCO will make every effort in the event that Dominica is impacted, to restore water systems as quickly as possible.

The public is advised to keep informed on the weather situation by listening to further updates provided by the Dominica Meteorological service.