Executive member of Eastern Caribbean Copyright Organization (ECCO), Daryl Bobb, has hailed a meeting held in Dominica with the executive of ECCO as “highly successful.”

Dominica had complained that in 2017 in particular, its members were “not treated properly by ECCO and the playing field was “not level”.

As a result, Dominica requested a meeting with ECCO and that meeting was held in Dominica just over one week ago. Bobb said the discussions held were “frank” and decisions were taken in order to rectify the situation as it relates to Dominica so that the playing field can be “level” for all its members.

“I recently represented Dominican musicians, writers and publishers (including myself) at a high profile and energy meeting with ECCO to express Dominica’s members’ dissatisfaction at the way they were being treated by ECCO in 2017,” Bobb said.

He continued, “That meeting where I led the Dominican members ended up in a very amicable spirit and agreements were made to rectify the many points that I raised on behalf of the Dominica delegation. I can safely say that the meeting and discussions held was a success and the work continues to ensure bylaws would be changed and policies put in place to rectify the situation and the Dominica territory.”

ECCO is known as a collective management organization, CMO, because its primary role is to administer copyright and related rights on behalf of its members in the Eastern Caribbean and through reciprocal agreements, these rights on behalf of creators throughout the world. ECCO collects fees by issuing licenses to music users granting them permission and authority to the restrictive acts as defined in the copyright acts of the region, including public performances, broadcasting, communication to the public, reproduction etc.