Blackmoore said in 200o only 25 percent of roads were in fair condition

Blackmoore said in 2000 only 25 percent of roads were in fair condition

Minister for Public Works, Energy and Ports Rayburn Blackmoore has revealed that approximately 65 percent of Dominica’s main roads are in excellent condition.

Speaking at a presentation event of for the transformation of Roseau on Tuesday afternoon, Blackmoore stated that the island has made significant gains amidst a global financial crisis.

According to him, over the past ten years the country has been experiencing unprecedented development.

Blackmoore noted that in 2000, a road audit revealed that only 25 percernt of Dominica’s road network was in a ‘fair condition.’

The purpose of the audit was to give the government an appreciation as to the state of the main roads, the secondary roads and the feeder roads, according to Blackmoore.

“We have 320 kilometers of main roads and based on that audit only 25 percent of our main roads were in fair condition,” he said. “We then put together a plan with a time horizon of 2020 by which if we follow a particular methodology we would have gotten our roads to 100% excellent condition. Further to that we said that by 2015, 60 percent of our main roads will be in excellent condition.”

He added that the 60 percent mark has already been surpassed however there is still a lot more to be done.

The minister noted further that the government must ensure that the road networks are done well and in a comprehensive manner taking into consideration the need to place emphasis on some of the mitigating factors such as storm drains.