Speaker of the House of Assembly Alix Boyd-Knights has received an international Award for her contribution to politics, women and children development.

The Chairman of the Commonwealths Women Parliamentarian (CWP) was presented with the “Q Kingdom Ministries Women of Great Esteem Award” and said she was honored to be selected for such a prestigious award.

“When you are called upon the stage and you see all these people in front of you, you feel like you are in a dream so the first reaction was to pinch myself,” she said.

She noted that besides a personal feeling of happiness, “I always feel good when I do something on the international scene that can lift Dominica”.

Meantime Boyd-Knights said plans are being put in place to sensitize women in the informal sector.

She said she is writing to the various members of the CWP to get involved in sensitizing women in the informal sector in order to have them move to the formal sector. she said.

According to Boyd-Knights women have explained that they refuse to move to the formal sector because of something call “officialdom”.

She is suggesting that the Inland Revenue and VAT office must make their services more user friendly and “not this mysterious ways that they do things”.