Dr. McIntyre visited the project on Thursday

A $3.8-million project at Charles Avenue in Goodwill will be motorable this weekend, Public Works Minister, Dr. Colin McIntyre has said.

The minister toured the project on Thursday.

“By Sunday, I was told that this road will be motorable and we can really use this road properly,” he stated.

The Charles Avenue Rehabilitation Project was awarded to Offshore Civil and Marine Incorporated to rehabilitate 510 meters of road.

It was financed by the High Way Maintenance Levy, which came into effect in September 2015 and Dr. McIntyre said Dominicans should take ownership of it.

“People must feel a sense of ownership in this project because their money actually contributed to this project, so we are looking at ownership,” he stated.

Dr. McIntyre said that repair works are ongoing on the Morne Prosper Road.

“We have completed the first half of the Morne Prosper Road which is from the Morne Prosper Bus Stop to L’escalier, technically through Savanne,” he explained. “But during Hurricane Maria we had a major, major event here in terms of lot of trees fell, the road was blocked and then we had the fear of the foundation breaking completely because there is basically sheer cliff and is the only access to Morne Prosper.

He said the area is going to be shelved and the road widened to have a two-lane road to the community.

“And I think that we are going to start that very soon…” he stated.

Other ongoing projects include the Botanic Gardens Road Project and the dredging of the Copthall River.