A section of the completed project

A section of the completed project

A $150,000 road rehabilitation for the village of Clifton has been completed.

Parliamentary Representative for the area and the Minister for Housing, Lands and Water Resource Management Reginald Austrie said the road, which is 750 feet long, was long over-due.

“That was a road that was done maybe 30, 40 years ago and was in a state of disrepair,” he said. “If you see it, you will admit that it’s a beautiful piece of work. I think the contractors gave a very good account of themselves.”

The funds for the project were provided by the Government of Dominica to the Clifton Village Council in 2014.

The contractors for the project were Kent Lamothe and Felice Vital.

Austrie also said that the Clifton School also received some attention.

“We also took the opportunity to do some improvement works around the Clifton School yard including some fencing that was done as part of that project,” he said.