One of the contractors McLean Abraham shakes hands with MP Denise Charles.

Contracts valued at over $500,000 have been signed for community road enhancement in Soufriere Constituency.

The contracts were signed on Tuesday afternoon and the funds were provided by the Soufriere/Scotts Head/Gallion Village Council by the Ministry of Public Works and Ports.

The contracts were signed with McLean Abraham for road enhancement in Soufriere; Byron Hunte for road enhancement in Scotts Head; Tony Bernard for road enhancement in Scotts Head; Franklyn Jervier for road enhancement in the Soufriere area; Claude Andrew for road enhancement in Back Street; Heskeith Michel for road enhancement in Soufriere.

The road rehabilitation projects will take place in the communities of Soufriere and Scotts Head.

Parliamentary Representative for the Soufriere Constituency Denise Charles said: “I am very happy to be here today for the signing ceremony of contracts totaling over $500 000. I am pleased that the government we have committed to continue the eradication of dirt roads or the re-enhancement of our community roads.”

She said that she is pleased with the government’s vision to have these projects undertaken by contractors within the communities.

“So that means in each village contractors were selected from the respective villages and that says volumes for our government,” she noted.

Charles added that over $1-million has been spent on road rehabilitation thus far in the constituency.

“If I calculate within a year we have spent over $1-million in the reconstruction of roads in the Soufriere Constituency,” she stated.

Meantime, Charles revealed that over $3-million has been injected into her constituency over a period of one year.

“I also want to say that in doing an evaluation of how much we have actually spent in one year since I became the parliamentary representative I would say by the end of June we would have spent a total of $3 million in the Soufriere Constituency,” she said.

She informed that funds have been injected towards roads, housing and small business development within the constituency.

She noted that the Dominica Labour Party administration has been investing towards the enhancement of communities across the island.

“And that is what I am proud of about our government that we are not only concerned over national development but there is a focus on community development to enhance our communities and also to develop our people,” said Charles.

She stated that the investment in small business development will assist the residents of her constituency improving their business and quality of life.

“That $500,000 in small business is going to help our existing small business in the community expand, enhance what they offer to the public and also to help some people start their own business so they can take care of themselves and their family,” she remarked.