Roseau, the capital of Dominica. Photo by Frederick Francis

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Intelligence Division has ranked Dominica among the top ten best cost effective Caribbean and Central American countries of the future.

Dominica was ranked at number eight, right on the heels of St. Lucia which was ranked at number seven. St. Vincent and the Grenadines was the only other OECS country to be ranked. That country was ranked at number three.

The entire list is as follows:

Rank        Country
1               El Salvador
2               Trinidad and Tobago
3               Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
4               Dominican Republic
5               Belize
6               Montserrat
7               Saint Lucia
8               Dominica
9               Guatemala
10              Curacao

FDI is a British media group and the Countries of the Future shortlists are created by an independent collection of data by the fDi Intelligence division across 31 Caribbean & Central American countries.