Etinoffe. Photo credit: GIS

The Dominica Water and Sewerage Company DOWASCO says it will be premature if the union representing DOWASCO staff stages any strike action in the event of staff cuts at the water company.

DOWASCO has disclosed that its financial problems could lead it to cutting down on staff and salaries, and the Dominica Public Service Union has said it is willing to act if DOWASCO goes through with those intentions.

Bernard Etinoffe, DOWASCO’s General Manager, said his company is aware that it must look at several ways which can assist it in coping with the company’s financial ordeal.

“We know we have to do something and so we are making plans, even preparing a proposal which will speak to exact numbers and so forth and those things have to be approved by DOWASCO board,” Etinoffe said on radio this week. “We will discuss them with the union and see how best we deal with the situation.”

He continued, “I think it would be very very premature for any union to say that they’re gonna strike. Strike over what?”