A view of the town of Portsmouth. Photo: Chad Ambo

Negotiations are ongoing for the construction of a government administrative building in the town of Portsmouth.

This was announced by the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit at a recent town hall meeting.

Skerrit said there is an influx of government offices in Portsmouth and people are unaware of their location.

“This is a town in Dominica and if it is a town in Dominica it must have appropriate government offices here and people must know they can go to a central spot and to acquire government services,” he stated.

Skerrit noted that he is not in favor of having the government offices being scattered throughout the town of Portsmouth.

“What we have done in the government is to speak to the Dominica Social Security and say to them, will you finance the construction of this administrative building, you finance it, you put your interest rate and the Government of Dominica will lease that building with the eventual aim of owning it after we would have paid you for what you have spent,” he revealed.

Skerrit revealed that this new government administrative building will include an Office for the Prime Minister.

He said there will be no need for individuals to travel to Roseau to meet with the Prime Minister.

He also stated the government administrative building will also include: sub-treasury, the DSS Office, the education office, the office of the parliamentary representative, the post office and conference facilities.

“The money is available all we need to conclude on the plans and the drawings to start the process,” he noted.

Meantime, Skerrit announced that Mayor Titus Francis will serve as a coordinator for the project.

“I have identified Titus Francis who will I appoint as the coordinator of these projects to ensure they get done and get done in a timely manner,” he remarked.

He said Francis will report to the Prime Minister and also to the Member of Parliament for that constituency.

“Portsmouth has the right to get what Portsmouth truly deserves and the government must not be afraid to spend the monies that we must spend in Portsmouth,” Skerrit stated.