Skerrit (left) and Douglas

Tourism minister Ian Douglas has suggested Cabrits in Portsmouth as the most sensible site for a Morocco-funded hotel which appears to contradict Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s proposal for its location.

Skerrit disclosed last year that the territory has decided to fund such an establishment in Dominica which he said will be located near Melville Hall.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the location would be ideal for pilots who would have to overnight on the island with the onset of night landing.

But according to Douglas the location of any such investment is a major factor in its success, and Cabrits may currently be the best location for the proposed hotel.

“At this point in time perhaps the Cabrits area, putting everything into consideration, may be the best location for an investment of that type,” Douglas argued.

Dominica and Morocco established diplomatic relations in June 2010 and after a visit there in August, Skerrit disclosed the African nation will finance the US $13 million “50-room airport hotel.”