road workA major multi-million dollar road project for the south east of the island is expected to commence soon, MP for the La Plaine Constituency, Petter Saint Jean has said.

The project is expected to cost the state in excess of $88-million to $90-million, he said.

“One major project we have now down for the La Plaine area, not just La Plaine but the south east of Dominica is works to be carried out on the Bois Diab, Pointe Milat Road,” he said.

He indicated that a contract has been issued to Jack Gardarkhan for the project and it is expected to being soon.

Saint Jean noted that the first phase will address critical parts of the road.

“The first phase costing some, EC$26-million, will address some segments on the road that are critical at this point…,” he explained.

Meantime he said other projects have been undertaken in the La Plaine Constituency.

“Very soon we will be having the opening of the brand new La Plaine Police station, it is a piece of work of art that all need to see” he noted. “We are also in the completion phase of the new education preschool facility … I think to my mind it is one of the better facilities on island, one of the most spacious on island.”